Our Mission

Our Purpose

In the U.S. alone, more than 1 million people are misdiagnosed with attention-deficiency/hyper-activity disorder. 1 million children, 1 million teenagers, whose lives have been detrimentally affected by the deficiency of mainstream medical practices. But that is not the whole story — if 1 million children do not receive proper diagnosis in the United States, a developed and private healthcare country, what would the case be in rural Africa, in India, where disorders like ADHD are viewed apprehensively by traditional societies, and barely any kid is accurately diagnosed? It’s not that Indian or African kids don’t have ADHD — it’s that our society instills values and instills expensive testing that only allows a select percentage — the elite — to be appropriately diagnosed and have a better life, while the vast majority — the poor — are perpetually pushed into poverty and subjugation because of their inability to evaluate and diagnose such a common disorder.

Thus, our mission is to provide an accurate, reliable mechanism to diagnose ADHD, to facilitate a seamless and time-efficient diagnosis, and above all, to provide free accessibility to essential medical diagnosis, especially for minorities, socio-economically disadvantaged groups, and the youth in third-world countries who lack access to sufficient medical services.