Who We Are

Our Stories and Motivations

William Das

Founder | Developer

William Das is the Founder and Developer behind Ocular. He led the development efforts behind Ocular, and is the Director of Technology at Coding for Impact, where he has spearheaded initiatives to develop software for international nonprofit organizations and charities, overseeing and managing all project requirements. He has worked alongside organizations such as Resource Equality International, Hunger Intervention Program, The Richard Brodsky Foundation, as well as United Nations affiliated nonprofit Democracy Without Borders, developing technology geared towards their missions and needs.

William worked with professors and graduate students at NYU in the summer of 2019 on an artificial intelligence-based semantic image segmentation problem of the brain, significantly optimizing previous state-of-the-art methods. His work was published alongside global science researchers and accepted by the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), awaiting journal publication. His research, moreover, has been recognized and lauded by renowned science researchers and experts in the field of computer science and medicine. He was awarded First Place Award at the New York City Science and Engineering Fair, as well as the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, qualifying for Regional Finals. William hopes to continue innovating in the field of medicine and to further synthesize his knowledge in data analytics and artificial intelligence to develop applications that mitigate deficient medical practices. One of his objectives through this is to break the socio-economic barriers hindering proper diagnosis and treatment in today's society. He aims to continue applying his skills in computer science and technology to solve social and humanitarian issues around the world.

Shubh Khanna

Founder | Developer

Shubh Khanna is the Executive Director of Coding for Impact and the Founder of Ocular Diagnoses. His objective is to redefine the applications of technology in the developing world to alleviate socioeconomic inequality at its grassroots: an inability to afford medical diagnosis. Shubh is a rising senior at Hunter College High School, but his ambitions and work extend beyond the walls of the classroom. At Coding for Impact, he spearheads the largest student-run technology nonprofit across the world, partnering with influential organizations like the United Nations and Democracy Without Borders to develop technology that bridges economic gaps. He has been interviewed by India Today for his work, recognized as an innovator who uses technology for the better of the developing world.

Alongside Coding for Impact, Shubh co-founded Ocular Diagnoses, a revolutionary web application that uses a proprietary deep learning algorithm to create an automated, accurate, and accessible test for ADHD across the globe. Shubh founded Ocular because he firmly believes that one’s socioeconomic status should not determine their ability to be properly diagnosed. Allowing the rural poor access to be diagnosed with ADHD, the leading global cause for youth social and academic struggles, is the first step in bridging economic inequality that starts from the youth.

At heart, Shubh is an innovator who believes in improving the lives of the poor through technology. He has been recognized as the winner of the NYC Science and Engineering Fair as well as of the Regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. For his work in development economics, Shubh was selected as a Bank of America National Student Leader. He has also been invited to participate in the World Bank's Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa Roundtable, working with students in sub-Saharan Africa and policy makers to merge data science and development economics and make accessible diagnosis a basic human right — the goal that forms his ethos as a leader in today’s society.